Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Iraq war and the London bombings, what's there to discuss?

I saw it mentioned again recently. As soon as the smoke cleared in the London underground, from all sides (actually one) came the accusation that the attack was a direct response to the support given by Blair to the war. This through several passages put the blame on Blair and the people behind him. Irrespective as to whether I am in favour or against the war, my intelligence feels insulted both by the prosecutors and the defendant.
Of course there is direct link between the two, not only it creates a great reason in a terrorist's mind, but the perpetrators said as much. The next reply would be though, so what? If A asks for B's seat on the train and after B's refusal he shoots C, is B responsible for C's death? Of course we need to enquire into B's action, but let us not forget that there is a reason why governments do not deal with kidnappers. It is important to decide up to which point we let ourselves be manipulated and held hostage. This is so simple that I am upset that someone as intelligent as Tony Blair would yield to the general stupidity and deny the charge. Moreover it is not even a choice dictated by politics because by doing that he is not pleasing anyone. I would even forgive someone usually so articulate if he replied, so what?

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