Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The dream: McCain running mate of a Democrat.

I am going to write it now to see whether in three months time I’ll be able to say “I said so”. Wouldn’t it be great if John McCain were Hilary Clinton’s running mate? Four years ago when the papers basically asked McCain to be Kerry’s running mate I thought it was a shame that he did not accept: I now realize that he was extremely wise in refusing. My wanting someone else than Bush clouded my judgment towards a politician that one could not define other than mediocre; to tie himself to someone like that would have ended his political career with a whimper. McCain knows that running on a bipartisan ticket can only be attempted once.

Now things are different. To start with, McCain is getting a little old and if one aims at an eight year stint at the White House, realistically this is his last chance. Moreover McCain is too clever for the electorate (so much so that sometime he tries desperately to appear a little more idiotic by doing things like singing “Bomb, bomb Iran”) and he needs to team with someone that has a bit more political clout. Teaming with Hilary Clinton would be a chance of doing so and at the same time pair up with an extremely clever person.

To be honest if McCain were vice president one could even afford a president less experienced than Hilary Clinton, what about an Obama-McCain ticket? Certainly more human. In all cases, if McCain accepted to run as vice president of a Democrat it would show that not all is lost for those two precious creatures, liberalism and intelligence, so rare on the political scene.

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