Friday, May 27, 2011

The silver lightning

Lexington is pessimistic. I want to believe that in what looks like a very dark moment of the peace process there is an element of hope. One could say that it's darkest before dawn or something about the end of the beginning, in any case I cannot believe that things will continue like this.

Netanyahu felt confident of the backing of two elements in American society (leaving the traditional Jewish lobby aside), the evangelical/conservative masses who consider being not-pro-Israel tantamount to being un-American and the Republican establishment who believe, with a thinking worthy of a 1930s Bolshevik, that beating Obama is worth seeing one's own president humiliated at home.

The fate of the first group is linked to the fate of the Republican party in general and it is hard to predict: ten years from now we'll have more or less of the Joe the Plummer/Palin phenomenon? As far as the second is concerned I want to believe that once the political establishment snaps away from the pre-electoral frenzy they will all agree that one does not treat the President (and the US by extension) that way and get away with it.

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